June 4, 2008

Little Longneck

Little Longneck

Little here is the first Nosey Nest member who is completely baby friendly ;
he has little felt eyes and buttons.
Little went to life with newborn Tim ! No doubt they will have lots of fun in the future.


Bobbi said...

Your work is so cute. Love it!

Kimmie.K said...

I love your blog! I cannot believe I just found it. Too much fun! And I love the plush/storybook theme you have going.

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Beginner said...

I plan on buying the Little Longneck Patter, but I'm curious as to what type of fabric you used to make it? It looks furry, and its the perfect colors !

I really adore your work! I love your blog already and this is my first day viewing it :)

Manohar Singh said...

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