June 11, 2008

A blushful hippo and his friend

Henri modelling 1

Meet Henri, a hippo who blushes very easily. Not only when something makes him burp (quietly, of course) but also when he counts 1...2...4...3. Oops!

Once, when Henri was hiding behind some books on the bookshelf (because he didn't want anybody to see he was turning all red again) he found this old book, all covered in dust.

The book was about a hippo named Roosevelt who also has a tendency to blush. Luckily Roosevelt also had a little friend, a bird called Lombard, who reassured him that he was not a bashful hippo; but was instead hopeful, mindful, thoughtful, and wonderful. And with each new, kind word Roosevelt stood taller and prouder.

Of course when little Henri had finished reading this book, he also wanted a friend like Lombard. So he went to the duckpond and met Dunley, a nice little yellow duckling. Dunley was tired of being small and unimportant and was very happy to hear that Henry was looking for a friend. He made him self comfortable at Henri's head while whispering some kind words....

Henri modelling 5

Because there must be more souls in this world who would like to have or give a bird like Lombard and Dunley ( with room in his tiny pouch for a nice little note ), a tutorial for making one will be posted here tomorrow.


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