May 6, 2008

Owen & Mzee

If you know this story, and you probably will ...

( In case you don't know it it's about a little baby hippo, Owen, who was swept away from his mama in the tsunami & has adopted the 130 year old tortoise Mzee as his new mom ) know that hippo's dare to see further than the end of their noses. Real Nosey Nest members ! That's why the Hippo Herd is added to Nosey Nest. The first Hippo is Hugo. A real hunk and daredevil.

Hugo "Hunk" Hippo

And of course a book about Owen and Mzee is added to the Nosey Nest Bookshelf. You can find out more about Owen & Mzee here


ingermaaike said...

Isn't that just the cutest :0D

Amanda said...

wow I had never heard about Owen and Mzee before! Thanks for sharing such a neat story. All of your plushes are so cute!

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Playmobil Life in the City said...

I love the blue color of this soft Hippo toy. I hope I was younger enough to play with this kind of toy. We have lots of soft toys for display at home and every guest can't help but to notice it with smile. I love it so much.

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