May 8, 2008

Timmy knows what he wants

Recently Timmy Trunk pulled this book

out of the Nosey Nest Bookshelf. He sat on a pillow in a cozy corner for what seemed like forever with his trunk in this wonderfull picture book.

The book is about Hugo the elephant who becomes an unexpected hero when he saves a house from fire by skywriting FIRE above the house with his plane Wilco.That way he alerts the residents and the fire department to the danger. With his handy elephant trunk, Hugo is then first on the ground to help put out the flames.

When Timmy was finally finished reading this exciting story, his chubby cheaks seemed a little red. He had this faraway look in his eyes. He seemed a little bigger. Timmy knew what he wanted to be; he wanted to be a firefighter !

Timmy modelling 1

To reach his goal he trains daily in his fire fighter uniform. The other Nosey Nest members, especially the dragons, don't like this at all. (There is so much water involved!)


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