July 15, 2008

Imaginary Friends - a softie pattern series

Have you ever been afraid of the dark when you were a kid; of critters under your bed, squeaking stairs and shadows on the wall ? So frightened you couldn't fall asleep, woke up at night or didn't want your parents to leave you before they'd checked under your bed a thousand times ?

Did you ever suspect that these so-called scary creatures aren't that scary after all ? That you even could become friends with these monsters ?

Nosey Nest introduces the first two in a downloadable soft toy pattern series about children's fears.

The first in this Imaginary Friends Series is "Mini-Monster Manfred".

Frontpage Mini-Monster pattern

A little drama occurs nearly every night,
When a mommy says sleep well and turns off the light.
A tiny creature covers both his eyes and ears,
there is lots of sniffling and some very big tears.
Sitting up straight is poor mini-monster Manfred,
who is afraid of the children above his bed.

Total pattern Mini Monster

Complete pattern and instructions for a 6" stuffed mini-monster.
Full size pattern pieces and detailed, photo illustrated, instructions, 7 pages.

The second in the Imaginary Friends Series is the "Daring Dragon".

Frontpage Daring Dragon pattern

When a small baby dragon discovers how to spit fire,
breathing massive flames will be his one and only desire.
So to prevent the little hothead from wrecking their place,
his dear dragon daddy lets him practice on the staircase.
Therefore if you hear the sound of squeaking stairs late at night,
know it's a dragon fighting an imaginary knight.

Total pattern Daring Dragon

Complete pattern and instructions for a 13" stuffed dragon.
Full size pattern pieces and detailed, photo illustrated, instructions, 10 pages.

If you would like to read more about monsters you could take a peak at the bookshelf.


Nooly said...

interested in buying the dragon pattern. How much is it? It is too cute!

Nosey Nest said...

Hi Yael,
Thank you !
The patterns are $10 each. You could buy them by clicking "Purchase Now" in the Patterns section on the left. Make sure you click the button that belongs to the dragon...
You should pay through Paypal. After paying a PDF will show which you can save or print.
If you need any help or if you have more questions please send me an e-mail, I'm happy to help out. You can find my e-mail adress on the right under Contact.

Hope you enjoy making the Dragon !

Have a nosey day,
Nosey Nest

greetingarts said...

These are simply awesome. Good luck with your series, I bet it will be a big hit. So endearing, the stories are adorable. I've got my eye on that cutie dragon, though I'd have to make him a her and find some nice pink material!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

These are great! I'm totally including them in the Daily DIY today! Great job!

Marian said...

Standing ovation from me. I think the whole package you sell is fantastic. The creatures themselves are just gorgeous. I just saw your shop in Dawanda and really, amazed. But to have a story to go with them (and rhyming... and in another language, I get to write the sinterklaas poems in dutch and I start in October!) which can be told to kids and that would help...just great.
Im going to have to get a dragon for when my husband has night shift and Im here alone...and the whole house makes cracking noises...

Anyway, nice to have found you. Im adding you to my bloglines. Wish you the best of lucks with your shop!

if only I knew how to sew.

Apryl said...

that is soo cute... I love dragons... but my sewing skills are very minor... I'm only just teaching myself to embroider...

lovely blog!

and lovely dragon!

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hi yael thank you
the patterns are $10 each. you could buy them by clicking purchase now in the patterns section on the left
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pay through Paypal. After paying a PDF will show which you can save or print.

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Paxil Lawsuit said...

The dragon is so cute, hope I can make some stuff-toys like that. =)

Sumera Khan said...
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Sumera Khan said...

Nice Dragon I am also going to make some stuff-toys too!

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